Trellie launches a Swatch concept for smart rings and bracelets


Components are finally getting small and cheap enough that ladies (and gentlemen) can expect fashionable connected jewelry that won’t break the bank or their fingers, which is why the wearables market is finally seeing an explosion of devices such as Ringly, the Mota Smart Ring and the latest, Trellie. Trellie, a Kansas City, Missouri–based startup, is a bit different from its competitors because it is offering a mix-and-match product where the electronics are contained in a removable nugget.

The Trellie, like most connected jewelry, is designed to keep the wearer linked to her smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. In the case of the Trellie, it’s a notification device, giving the user LED feedback when people call or text.

The Trellie rings and nugget. The Trellie rings and nugget.

At launch the nugget will slip inside a large cocktail ring, but the plan is for it to slip inside bracelets and other jewelry as…

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