The Latest Craze

So, the corporate model of saving the world is well underway and catching on like wildfire.  Its simple, really, bringing together everything that works well together under the common cause to invest time, money and energy into an organization with a highly efficient structure and an ethically visioned ownership, allows simple plug-in apps (or individuals and small 501c3) to manifest the simple shift virtually se(e)mlessly in the everyday world now. nice. Superficial, really, yet everyone’s working on the surface to create a normalized tolerance for all in society on a secular political world … If it can manifest on the surface will it penetrate deeper to sustain?

Truth be told, our new surface chatter of tolerance resonates with our deeper truth we’ve been denying for so long, we are all equal.

How can anyone hate on anyone else from being a socially conscience entrepreneur just because “JoEntrepreneur” uses his soap box to sell what he believes in because that is what JoE has invested in/that is what puts food on the table/that is what he can say in truth and still look in the mirror.

Hmm and these new type of activists, welcome them more than anything else.

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