Initial Thoughts of 2015

So, 2015. Seriously.  It is 2015.

That cliche, “the more things change the more they stay the same,” chants in my head to the rhythm of “What’s Going On?” and not the smooth, plaintiff reflection of Marvin Gaye one but the shock and amazement of the Four Non-Blondes asking a simple question.

And while that song plays on in repeat in the background, the om of the moment finds rest.  Not release from the struggle by any measure, yet a calm rest in the struggle knowing, finally, if enough of us choose, that struggle ends.  Retirement of an entire movement,  the walking into the promise land.

Because it has ended for too many in DuBoisian school of empowerment for us not to create the personal experience that allows all of humanity to thrive, reclaiming our souls from the Age Of Violence in the process.

The unoperational pieces of the institutions built on acceptance of the current political correctness of a given community which require efforts of transmutation to make the best of what has been given, challenges the collective ego too powerfully in the new entitled mind set.  If it does not serve humanity as whole, it no longer serves me.

DuBois, and those who share his school of thought, have so entitled the many to realize in the simplest terms, the free mind empowering its own direction grants unequivocal mutual space for the other, even if parallel universes are necessary to ensure equality.

Most tangential experiences fall easily into place when the true potential parallel experience is presented as a real and meaningful option, crafted and maintained in love (or by simple structure or government).


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