Gilding the Conscience

Behind the White Coat

I was reading an article in the Atlantic the other day about tubal ligation, an extremely common form of surgical sterilization, not being allowed in the US at Catholic hospitals. You can read the article here. Truthfully, at the time it went in one eyeball and out the other. Yeah, yeah, that’s not news…

Today I was thinking, though.

Remembering, actually.

So here I am posting.

I never learned how to place an IUD in residency. We were not allowed to use them because of religious stipulations placed in the residency program’s charter. Or some such thing. So an extremely reliable, safe, and popular form of birth control was off the table for the physicians in training at the program and therefore also not available for their patients.

Along those same lines, a fellow resident approached me within the first week or two of residency, asking me to write…

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