Nous Sommes Charlie

pens up.


Yeah, I have to join in on this. “Je suis Charlie.” That’s personal. But there’s also more: We, the American faculty, are the protectors of freedom with our pens and pencils just as are the cartoonists who are taking up their tools today in defense of that which should need no defense, the right to express an opinion–even if someone else doesn’t like it. We need to be just as outraged and public as they are. One cartoon I saw today showed two figures, one pointing a gun at the other, the other pointing a pen back. The caption read, “Ou est le courage?”

Where is ours? Where is mine?

John K. Wilson, just a few hours ago, posted on a University of Chicago Committee on Freedom of Expression report and, quite correctly, criticized aspects of the report (which, on the whole, he supports) for mushy definitions of acceptable limits…

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