At CES, FCC’s Wheeler hints at Title II net neutrality decision


The Federal Communications Commission will vote on an official proposal for net neutrality come February 26, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said on Wednesday during a session at this year’s CES, the Verge reported. Wheeler said that his office plans on showing commissioners a proposal on February 5, which will be followed by the vote to come later on in the month.

Wheeler was apparently mum on the details as to what his office plans to propose, although he indicated that the FCC is looking to accommodate both sides of the net-neutrality debate, according to the report.

The FCC will not be caving in to all of the internet service providers’ (ISP) demands, Wheeler said, but some cases, “There are instances where priority makes a whole heck of a lot of sense.”

“You have to wait until February to see the specifics,” Wheeler said.

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