University of Chicago Report of the Committee on Freedom of Expression

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The Committee on Freedom of Expression at the University of Chicago has issued a report explaining why a university must have “lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation.”

The Committee was apparently created partly in response to a petition by a group of University of Chicago students, asking that the Institute of Politics ban “slurs and hate speech” after Dan Savage discussed the slur “tranny” in a speech on campus.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) strongly endorsed the statement, and I share that viewpoint, although I have a few criticisms of the report.

Pretending that the University of Chicago only has a long history of freedom and openness, and ignoring the dark side of its repression, really isn’t historically accurate. And some of the wording offered in this report as exceptions to free speech is very vague: I don’t know what “directly incompatible with the…

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