The Good Newz About Cuba iz Bad Newz for the FBI’z Most Wanted Woman

the way our reality works sometimes is confusing. why can’t good just be good all the way down the line in the favor of “liberty and justice for all”? #500WordException

Moorbey'z Blog

Photo by Flickr user dignidadrebelde.

byTasbeeh Herwees

When President Obama announced that the U.S. was preparing to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba on Wednesday, the news provoked mixed reactions – opponents of the Castro government were dismayed and some Cuban immigrants celebrated, eager to return home. And yet, one name kept reappearing over and over in ancillary discussions on the lifting of the embargo: Assata.

Assata is Assata Shakur, the Black Panther activist who famously broke out of prison in 1979 after being convicted for the first-degree murder of a New Jersey state police officer and found refuge in Cuba. Just last year, she became the first woman on the FBI’s most wanted terrorist list and the New Jersey attorney general offered a $2 million award for information that would lead to her capture. The New Jersey state police have made several attempts to have her extradited. And…

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