Ending The Invisibility Of Homelessness

technically, the “lack” is not a “scourge on society”, unless you mean “Scourge” as in “a whip used as an instrument of punishment” and it would be used only against a certain part of our society. “Scourge” as in “a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering” the “lack” would be the “scourge OF society”, for its failure to sustain a normalcy of life that is consistent with human dignity of empowerment of the individual, rather than a debasement and punishment of society on those who don’t find their way with those that perpetrate and prosecute the mindset of inequality that gives an unnatural societal model creating lack, hence a harshly exposed punishment, for some in the tribe with which we are all a part of in any one space on the planet or another. just musing out loud how we perceive and communicate the problem and all that underlies the issues of “general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty” and all that jazz! =) great article!


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