BigPanda takes in $7M to help IT staff spot problems in the data center


IT problem-spotter BigPanda plans to announce Wednesday that it brought in a $7 million series A funding round and is launching its core product to the general public. The new funding round, led by Mayfield and Sequoia Capital, brings the startup’s total investment to $8.5 million.

Today’s web-scale companies typically load up several different types of data-siphoning and deployment services into their IT infrastructure to streamline the performance of their data centers. These services include configuration-management tools like Puppet (see disclosure), log-management services like [company]Splunk[/company] and application-monitoring services like [company]New Relic[/company].

And it’s not like these services are generating bite-sized chunks of data. The amount of information being funneled into organizations from each of these services can overwhelm the IT staff, explained BigPanda founder and CEO Assaf Resnick.

“Suddenly you have six or seven monitoring dashboards with alerts and none of those dashboards speak the same language,” said Resnick.


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