As The Arab Spring Turns To Fall, A Lingering Hope For Peace Through Tech

how some of this is working


Two decades after he served as the chief negotiator for peace talks between the then Yasser Arafat-led Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel under Yitzhak Rabin, Uri Savir remains ever optimistic.

Although the Oslo Accords laid tentative groundwork for an eventual two-state solution, it was never realized. Once again, the region is only just recovering from another conflict between the Hamas-led Gaza Strip and Israel.

But Savir is still at work on Israeli-Palestinian peace decades later, this time through a digital diplomacy-style effort called YALA, which leverages Facebook and other platforms to promote online discussions between Arabs and Israelis. It has roughly a half-million followers on Facebook spread throughout many Arab countries and Israel. It bolsters that by following through with more in-depth online modules on citizen journalism and online conferences in economic cooperation and peace-making.

He said a mistake he made two decades ago was in assuming that…

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