Phhhoto Is An Addictive, Albeit Poorly Named, Gif-Style Photo App


Phhhoto is a new app that launched in late July that lets users capture moving images and share them across social networks. But the app you see today, with over one million photos shared, started as something very different.

The creators, Omar Elsayed, Champ Bennett, and Russell Armand, come from a digital agency called, which they still run (working on projects like the recent redesign). At an office party back in 2012, they decided to build a sort of gif-like photo booth as an iPad app. For fun.

Turns out, people at the party loved it, so they built out a contraption that actually holds up the iPad and provides some lighting to create a portable photo booth. They called it Phhhoto Pro and the company quickly started renting the product out to parties and venues. Pricing is based on the particular event, but ranges around a…

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