Hawthorne, CA Police Fuqin’ Up a #ftpINw

#FTP = Fuck The Police

#ftpINwp = Fuck The Police In Nicest Way Possible


Yes, pretty much that’s the entire story right there in that link to the article.  you sometimes don’t need to read much more than that to know that what happened was fuqed up and something needs to change.  So, Hawthorne City Council and Police Department, I realized that this happened in February, but if you have not done the following, this is your way out of this mess:

1.  Fire the officers involved.  They are too stupid to be police officers.  Just fired.  There are too many who are unemployed, go and find smart officers to replace them.

2.  Any officer who witnessed it and took no steps to STOP the Stupid Police Officers need to be lectured about how to be in a situation like that if it ever happens again.  Make them do like 100 push-ups a day for three weeks so they understand it is on those watching injustice to immediately neutralize the situation.

3.  City council and city leaders better immediately engage with that family and begin the healing, even if it means paying them for the lessons they had to learn, do it quickly and get on with resolving the issues giving rise to this climate of brutality in our community here in #TheSouthland.


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