Detroit’s Dan Gilbert Comes To Silicon Valley

personally, i think the development of apps through game playing and other models can be used in a community so ravaged by the negative affects of drugs, to bring a positive spin to the reality most people have become accustomed to living just to survive. app programming in a creative, supportive and alternative workplace environment can bring out some genius unlike we’ve never seen before. Detroit is the perfect place to see if that’s one way for us to recover that #HumanResource from its current degradation and waste without even attempting to find value in Detroit’s “throw-away” community. I hope Mookie can find a job! He’s really brilliant when he doens’t have to worry about all the things he has to: like is he going to get killed while he sleeps in the shelter or where his next fix is coming from because his head is so negative he can’t bother to breathe otherwise.


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