Security video shows Michael Brown paid for his cigars – Ferguson PD lied!

and this is news because ? ? ? ? its so nice now everyone understands the need for #GlobalPoliceStateStanddown …. we did it in #DHS last night’s city council meeting. A NICE shift!


The Ferguson PD, following the killing of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, released information that Brown was a suspect in a convenience store robbery that took place just before the encounter with the officer. There’s a problem with that story though, which was obviously just an attempt to demonize Brown in the public’s opinion; Michael Brown appears to have paid for the cigars he was suspected of having stolen.

According to attorneys for the Ferguson Market, where the hypothetical robbery took place, not a soul at the store called the police to report the robbery. Instead, it was a customer who called and reported that he thought he had witnessed a robbery.

What’s more appalling is that the supposed robbery likely had nothing to do with the altercation between Wilson and Brown, as the video was not obtained until well after Brown had been shot and killed by…

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