Don’t like Facebook owning and controlling your content? Use tools that support the open Web

500 word exception …. =) so, we must abandon fB to free the web? yes, i understand that it could be necessary, yet my mom just friended me on fB!!!!!! i mean, seriously, my mother, imagine that? after all these years. she’s on a trial period, maybe there’s a need for ice skates in hell after all.

yet, I am going to READ your 697 more words … well, maybe just your concluding paragraph and go from there. =) cheers and P.S. if it were not for #fuqafukushima … imagine that, Niki’s fB saved by the nuclear power plant melting down right now … that is the ONLY reason I NEED fB right now.


When it comes to content — personal or professional — [company]Facebook[/company] is a classic double-edged sword: it has such incredible reach that you almost have to use it, and it can drive huge amounts of traffic to your content. But at the same time it is a classic walled garden, run by a black-box algorithm that uplifts or down-ranks content for reasons that are completely unknown to anyone outside of the company’s ranks of developers. So how do you work with it, and not give all the power over your content to a proprietary platform?

Blogging and RSS pioneer Dave Winer has one potential solution: work with Facebook, but make sure the blog or site you control remains primary. Winer’s latest blogging tool posts simultaneously to Facebook and a self-hosted blog — and unlike other tools that do this, any changes or updates to the blog version are automatically reflected…

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