KeepIn Da iNEt fRee :D

reblogging only because i edited it pretty heavily and added a warning.


(btw, this is one of those posts i keep editing over time, personal story telling sometimes needs elaboration and clarification; i don’t always repost after an edit.)

the internet is always (and in all ways) a place to share.  that is why it was created.  interactions and communication has always been the fundamental purpose for the internet.  business and government first, and then came me, the first free user of the internet.  i, as a child, neither used it for work nor for anything i “had” to do, it was always and in all ways pleasure or i didn’t bother to get on the iNet.  and remember back then the modem and rubber receiver holder speeds were …. yeah, I’m that old.

it, the iNet was where i played if i wasn’t in the river, on my horse, up in the barn, out in the garden, or just hanging out watching…

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