KeepIn Da iNEt fRee :D

(btw, this is one of those posts i keep editing over time, personal story telling sometimes needs elaboration and clarification; i don’t always repost after an edit.)

the internet is always (and in all ways) a place to share.  that is why it was created.  interactions and communication have always been the fundamental purpose for the internet.  business and government first, and then came me*, the first free user of the internet.  i, as a child, neither used it for work nor for anything i “had” to do, it was always and in all ways pleasure or i didn’t bother to get on the iNet.  and remember back then the modem and rubber receiver holder speeds were …. yeah, I’m that old.

it, the iNet was where i played if i wasn’t in the river, on my horse, up in the barn, out in the garden, or just hanging out watching a movie on the nu VCR.  i remember learning the names of new nation-state and capitols as they were formed by some coup that usually was reported on my Dad’s radio but no where else; it was the 70s, it was amazing how much of the world’s reality actually made it into my rural existence.

the power of the iNet, communication, connection, sharing, still requires a real world experience.  so, if you want to use the power of the internet, do go out and have the Real World Experience you want … and like i tell my daughter, if u don’t know what that is, ask me a question and I’ll be happy to tell you something more than likely you will not hear from anyone else, but you’ll know if its right or not.

please keep the internet as free as i think it should be because i’ve always and in all ways have been safe …. well, except from my government and their deviant twist on our reality, but that’s a story for a different day.

WARNING:  i was born doing time, convicted for my ideas. in court, they made a big deal that I shared my ideas on the internet.  and no, i STILL do not believe my idea that a 6 year old boy would be better cared for in the minivan with us moms and his classmates than sitting in the back of a police car, no matter how fun that may be at that age, creates criminal intent.  theoretically, our government(s) could consider ur reading this blog as criminal conspiracy. i’m just sayin’ … *stepping back from the sharing circle.  #FollowAtURownRisk


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