Getting UR Shit 2gether

requires little more than the choice to do just that. it starts with the choice of what “shit” is that you even want to bother to get together and remember, not all shit needs to be together nor is it all YOUR shit to get together. balance reality with the choices of what is your’s to take care of, and do it.

once you choose what is your’s to determine and manage in this life, know that you are protected to handle that shit you’ve decided to get together. Its nice to know that once you make the choice to be responsible to get something together, how simple and clear it is once you start excluding from your vision that which you have chosen is NOT your shit to get together.

always remember, you can get your shit together. even it if seems like it will take forever, know that if you keep at it, magic can happen at anytime and bring in a miracle that makes all the stuff that seems like its not working to finally bring it together. Just keep working on your shit the way you think it needs to be handled and keep on living and learning as you go forward. believe it or not, your shit is supposed to be handled exactly the way you think it should be. sometimes it takes a minute to understand how to make that work for and with others, but eventually, the shit you are responsible for will be taken care of best in your way.

always be clear about which shit is your’s and what is not. once you determine the shit you want to be responsible for, keep at it and study it, get better at handling that kind of shit in bigger or more complex scales. remember, its your shit, no matter which dimension you are operating in at any given moment in tym.

you know your shit is handled when your life is in every moment the one you want to live given all the options you have opened yourself up to experience in this lifetime. =)


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