Researchers Create A Flying Drone That Can Light Your Snapshots

just so long as it is programmed to no harm humans, cool. otherwise, #groundthedrones until they are all programmed properly!


Is there anything flying quadcopters can’t do (besides give birth to human babies… yet?) Researchers at MIT and Cornell have created a flying flash rig that connects a light meter, photographic flash, and continuous light source so that photographers can get perfect shots from any angle.

The robot, which takes into account the position of the object and the position of the shooter when it hovers, can light subjects in very specific lighting and is designed to allow you to get a perfect snapshot.

It uses the idea of “rim width – the desired width, from the camera’s perspective, of the subject’s illuminated border” to “enable delicate rim lighting of action shots.” This lighting effect, according to a photography how-to, “is often referred to as back light or even hair lights, is simply light placed on your subject which gives the appearance of a light outline.”

Obviously you’re not…

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