I hope the Apple iBeacon hardware at the FCC isn’t the real thing

things that make you want to click on “read more” and then make you go hmmmmmmmmm on a whole new level.


The discovery this weekend of an FCC application made on behalf of Apple(s aapl) has the tech press excited about new hardware from Cupertino. This time, it’s a Bluetooth-capable box labeled with Apple’s iBeacon and powered by USB. The press is speculating that this device may never see the light of day, could be used in retail stores or that it may become part of Apple’s smart home tie in with HomeKit.

All of these are plausible, but I’m perplexed by the design as it stands right now. Having a dedicated Beacon makes sense in the retail environment, but having it be USB powered seems a bit odd. Actually having stand-alone devices seems a bit odd. A more logical place for any beacons would be out of sight and with its own dedicated power thanks to integrating it into something else. You probably don’t want employees moving it…

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