Waking Up Kismet

K'Tony's Kismet

Every morning

(no matter the night you had, at some point YOU decide it is morning and YOU “begin” the day as opposed to “continue the night in2 the daylight” (which usually comes with a wake-and-bake, but i digress), or something to that effect)

you have a choice to begin your day with a decision to say “Its morning,” or “Its a #KismetMorning.”

A “Kismet Morning” means that everything that happens to you on that day is a magical blessing that forges your path to the fulfillment of all your blessings and desires that are planted deeply in your being and purpose here on planet earth.  Its a happy morning to be certain, to go into the world as open as you ever wanted to be.  

… and when you do that, imagine how simple it seems to be to use simple reason and common sense to … 

(thank you…

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