Google, Twitter and NASA are showing why data is the new cloud

oh, this is definitely a #MustListen2 at some point in this tymline =)


Data analytics is apparently hot this week when it comes to the cloud.

At this year’s Google I/O, the search giant showed the cloud world that it means business as the company revealed Dataflow, which is essentially an easy way for engineers to create data pipelines that can deal with batch processing as well as stream processing. Twitter also showed that it can handle complex data analytics as it unveiled TSAR, a framework that acts as a real-time data orchestrator that ensures that all of company’s many data analytics systems are linked together and able to provide its product teams with reliable insights.

NASA also got in on cloud-related data news as the agency unveiled a new Amazon Web Services-hosted contest that allows for participants to obtain a bunch of earth science data in the hope that the public will be able to figure out new ways…

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