Why the net neutrality debate also matters for VoIP

which is why I will be in Sacramento, CA this summer to demand our State assert some protection against the over reaching federal government to protect the internet for the People and businesses in California. Its tym to assert States Rights on this issue! #NatGat2014


At my company, Zingaya, we work on VoIP solutions in click-to-call technology (which is one segment of a big industry, with Skype being the most well-known VoIP company). Given our position in this industry, my colleagues and I have watched the developments of the net neutrality court case and subsequent moves by ISPs very closely, with an eye on how these changes will impact innovation in the rapidly changing VoIP field.

With the end of FCC enforcement of open internet rules, a few select companies will very quickly be making major decisions on how fast most users will be able to access content across the web. Video streaming, as we know, takes up a plurality of bandwidth usage (and will only increase in popularity). However, the danger isn’t just limited to video. The major ISPs in the United States — Comcast and AT&T among others — often also provide voice…

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