Vine makes the jump to the TV screen with upcoming Xbox One app

my daughter is going to be over the moon … finally! a reason to justify the tv! maybe she will come out of her room more often. is it normal for teenagers to spend all their time in their room when they are home?! what happened to ‘mom, can i go play outside?’


Tucked away in an announcement of 45 new apps for Microsoft’s (S MSFT) Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles is one interesting tidbit: Twitter’s (S TWTR) video sharing service Vine is making the jump to the TV screen with a dedicated app for the Xbox One.

The app, which will initially be available only in the U.S., marks the first time that Vine is officially bringing its six second videos to the TV, even though Vine has long hinted at TV aspirations: After launching first only on mobile platforms, Vine expanded to the web earlier this year, where it launched a “TV mode” meant for lean-back consumption. I asked Twitter’s communications team whether there are any plans to launch apps on additional platforms, but the company said it has nothing to share at this time.

Microsoft’s announcement also included a bigger partnership with Twitter for integrating tweets with live…

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