Improving NRC’s Internal Processes

oh, really?!!! how are they going to improve that whole process where they have to stand up and tell the stupid politicians what they REALLY need to do to this industry in order to protect all of humanity?!!! #TogetherWeRise Come On NRC, I’ll try to help you find your voice!

U.S. NRC Blog

Dave Solorio
Branch Chief
Concerns Resolution Branch

differingopinionThe most effective organizations are constantly evaluating how well their processes work and looking for ways to improve them. The NRC uses many different tools to measure its organizational effectiveness. When we identify improvements that can be made, we try to find the best way to put those changes in place — and then we measure their effectiveness.

In 2006, recognizing the need for standardization to replace procedures that varied by office, the NRC created an agency-wide “non-concurrence” process. The process encourages employees to bring different views to management related to policy papers, technical and administrative determinations, and other agency actions. And to do it as the supporting draft documents make their way through the management approval chain. The process is meant to promote the airing of views before final management decisions are made—in an effort to empower everyone involved and reach…

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