Real Nuclear Waste Confidence

the cosmos gives us the expansion
to evolve an enslaved mentality
that comes with manifestation
of an organic earth nature
freeing the mind is the
only cure for the

just do it.

From my NikiSpeak blog,

We have an unsolveable problem here on earth.  How to manage nuclear waste without it harming our natural world to the point of toxicity humanity cannot survive?  What’s worse about that problem is the wild card truth:  we do not know how toxic a reality we CAN handle.  So, in our curiosity and now in our greed, we have opened a pandora’s box that we not only do not know how to contain, but we do not know how long we have to solve the problem.

What we do know is this, until we solve the problem of the uncontained nuclear leak in Fukushima, no new nuclear power plants should be approved.  On second thought, does it matter if we do not survive Fukushima?  I mean, if its an unsolvable problem (because that’s really what it looks like), we may as well go forward and keep building them … a quick death is probably preferred.



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