Never Forget May 13, 1985!

yeah, when I found out about this last year (ty Moorbey), i was like “Huh, WTF?!!!!!!!!!!” …. guess what, a year later, I’m still “Huh, WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!” but this tym I’m so far into working on turning this thing around, its less of a shock WTF and more like a pissed off WTF, if you know what I mean! #EndThePoliceStateNOW #StanddownThePolice

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Never Forget May 13, 1985!


Never forget that the Philadelphia police and US government dropped a bomb in West Philadelphia to deliberately murder MOVE members, killing 11 people and burning down an entire neighborhood.


The police bombing of MOVE was a direct result of MOVE’s uncompromising fight for the release of the MOVE 9 – political prisoners serving 30-100 year sentences since 1978. In 1985 the government murdered 11 people to stop the fight for the MOVE 9 and to try to stop the MOVE Organization. The MOVE 9 are still in prison today and justice demands their release. Come learn about what led to the infamous events of May, 1985 and what you can do to push for justice!


Saturday, May 10th. 12-4pm

The Rotunda
@ 40th and Walnut


*Hear an update on the case of the MOVE 9 and find out how…

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