Gigaom Research webinar: the modern perimeter and more: countering advanced security threats

security like tumblr changing the name of the source of a certain bloggers images ……… or security issues like people stealing your credit cards ………… or security like how deviant IS the mind of the NSA agent voyeur-de-jour?


From the Federal Reserve to Target to Heartbleed, recent security breaches have proven that existing systems are inadequate. Today’s threats are persistent, adaptable and attack across multiple vectors, rendering firewall- and IPS-based perimeter systems nearly obsolete. They are also much more targeted and better funded than threats of the past, dramatically increasing the likelihood of infiltration.

Given the failings of traditional perimeter security, many companies have focused solely on mitigation, using analytics to identify and contain problems before they cause harm. Others have focused on filtering malware and other infiltration points to stop attacks before they start. Neither approach is working.

In this webinar, our panel will address these topics:

  • What does the modern security threat look like, and how has it evolved?
  • Where do existing security systems fail?
  • How can businesses gain full visibility into complex, multistage threats that span multiple attack vectors?
  • How should businesses balance prevention…

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