BitPay Is Raising $30M At A $160M Valuation From Index, Richard Branson

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We’re hearing that BitPay, a platform that processes payments in bitcoin for merchants, is raising the field’s biggest round yet. The company is raising $30 million on a roughly $160 million valuation in a round led by Index Ventures, with Richard Branson and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang participating. BitPay declined to comment.

With BitPay’s previous funding round, the company’s financing tops the combined $26 million that Boston-based rival Circle has raised from Accel Partners, or the $31 million that San Francisco-based Coinbase raised from Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures or the $20 million round that Benchmark led for Xapo.

It’s yet another sign that the bitcoin ecosystem is maturing with big chunks of funding coming from top-tier venture firms. While there have been high-profile collapses like Mt.Gox’s bankruptcy, it feels like every major fund wants at least one bet in the space in case bitcoin does live up…

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