Retaliation and Civil Rightz Violations Pile Up at the NWDC in Tacoma

Moorbey'z Blog

Remaining original hunger striker breaks fast and placed in retaliatory solitary confinement. Former isolated hunger striker “convicted” in a Kafkaesque hearing;  the twenty men placed in solitary confinement for hunger strike grows. Despite retaliation, peaceful protest continues.

Tacoma, WA – Jesus Gaspar Navarro ended his 25-day hunger strike Tuesday morning with a full breakfast. An hour later, after speaking  on air on Spanish language 1360 am about the strike, he was removed from medical isolation to solitary confinement.  His administrative segregation order cited risk to self and the facility and participation in the hunger strike as reasons for his isolation. The conditions of isolation are not healthy for someone recovering from a nearly month-long fast.

Today Ramon Mendoza Pascual, who was held in medical isolation for two weeks, had a hearing on charges stemming from the fast. In the hearing the same ICE officer acted as translator, witness against him…

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