This week in Bitcoin: MtGox finds some of its missing bitcoins

following the plotlines of our times.


In this week’s Bitcoin review, we recap MtGox discovering 200,000 BTC and Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto’s further denials that he created Bitcoin.

So, MtGox has more money?

Last week we were wondering what assets MtGox had to freeze in its bankruptcy proceedings, and now it looks like it might be a lot. In the midst of its bankruptcy woes MtGox has found 200,000 BTC, or approximately $117 million based on yesterday’s closing price. The exchange confirmed that it had found the money in an old-format wallet that it thought was empty. That brings the total number of bitcoin missing to 650,000 — 550,000 of which belong to customers.

Meanwhile, in Bitcoin’s other soap-opera plot line, Dorain S. Nakamoto officially released a statement through a lawyer he retained that definitively denies being the cryptocurrency’s creator. Newsweek responded that it had not received the letter so it  wouldn’t actually respond to it…

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