2016: This is the "Real" Truth

i do not have to do anything.

i can just stop and do absolutely nothing that no one would ever even know about … kinda like i do now, but without even using a keyboard.  i don’t think it would really matter much one way or the other.  would it?  so, why do i type?  why do i bother doing anything?  i’m still not sure why.  are you sure why you do what you do?  yet,  sometimes i think i do know why i’m doing something and it does matter, or i just pretend i think that and sometimes that is good enough.

i know that mostly i type because it helps keep my mind quieter some nights.  i have so many thoughts and it doesn’t seem like they go away until i let them go, and this has always been my favorite mode.  i just litter the cloud, mostly.

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