=) Just Activated a New Twitter Account

Sigh, you know when you wait for someone because you believe in their potential . . . but that’s all it is ? ? ?  I know, HOW do you determine the timing of that vis-a-vis any given life? ? ? etc., and dialog on so many levels with that rhetorical question, but seriously.  So, I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting and its still not materialized and it may never materialize because that’s the truth in the world of technology and ideas.  sometimes ideas, no matter how brilliant they are, do tym out of relevance.  it happens.


BUT … having said that, tym has not yet expired and from my accounting I promised another 11 months to wait, but I’ve decided to implement the “Space” for it … the new vein of communication I’ve been waiting for waaaaayyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo long … into my flow through the use of the re-activated Twitter account:  “URonPlanetEarth”  it will be interesting to see who i allow follow that feed . . .

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