How “Free” Public “Education” Harms African Motherhood

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because …. if we understand the only decision that matters is the one in the moment and we need to learn to listen to the true voices of love, equality, liberty, freedommmm and all that jazz before we make the choice we think our mother or father would make … or at least what their words taught you to make and their life gave you the experience you had … be balanced and be your own inner parents when making ethical decisions — and EVERYTHING, on some level, is an ethical decision! #ethicalrenaissance

African Blood Siblings

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“When you teach a boy, you teach a person; but when you teach a girl, you educate a nation.” — African Proverb

Teaching a girl used to mean teaching a nation, but under European and Asian Domination, teaching a girl is just teaching a girl. It’s not even teaching a ‘person’ because most of what she learns she forgets. This is detrimental for a people who rely upon Maternal Wisdom to survive. Africa has a population of a billion people and there are less than one-hundred million Africans in the Western Hemisphere. Not all of Africa is African. So maybe there is 700 million Africans in the World; maybe only a billion. Globally that means we are outnumbered between seven-and-nine-to-one. We had global supremacy before. Whatever we are doing today we are doing wrong. It’s…

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