What is Your Favorite NRC Reg Guide?

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Who even knew we had “The Best Regulation Guide” category?!!!

U.S. NRC Blog

Mekonen Bayssie
Regulatory Guide Development Branch
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

It was an unexpected pronouncement when, during the annual All Employees Meeting at the NRC, Commissioner George Apostolakis admitted Regulatory Guide 1.174 – otherwise known as “An Approach for Using Probabilistic Risk Assessment in Risk-Informed Decisions on Plant Specific Changes to the Licensing Basis” — was his favorite. It was not a surprising admission, though, since the Commissioner had been on the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards and active in the development of the guide.

But it got us thinking – Reg guides are important documents that offer guidance on ways agency regulations can be implemented. Does anyone else have a favorite Regulatory Guide?

So we asked employees to submit their favorites. The winner would get $50 donated to his or her favorite Combined Federal Campaign charity.

Adam Glazer, an IT specialist, won the contest with his tongue-in-cheek…

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