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but the truth is, you’ve probably already heard everything and everyone knows the right thing to do, the only question is, “are we going to do the right thing and make “Waste Confidence” a reality in our regulations?”
Staff of the NRC and those who work in the industry know that we cannot have another #Fukushima because, the truth is we still don’t know if we are going to survive Fukushima’s meltdown.

I believe everyone has that knowledge and is working to secure this industry for the practical reality that this may NEVER happen again without the KNOWLEDGE (read: CONFIDENCE) of how to handle it without threatening the survival of our species as it currently does now. The ugly truth we must integrate into our future structure.

U.S. NRC Blog

Keith McConnell
Director, Waste Confidence Directorate

The public comment period on the Waste Confidence proposed rule and generic environmental impact statement (GEIS) ends December 20. During the 98-day public comment period (the end date was extended due to the government shutdown), the NRC staff conducted 13 meetings around the country to receive your feedback.

wcd_banner_smallWe’d like to thank the more than 1,400 people who attended these meetings, either in person or by teleconference. We have posted transcripts of the public meetings on the Public Involvement section of our Waste Confidence webpage. We appreciate all of you who spoke at the meetings providing your thoughtful comments. The safe storage of spent nuclear fuel and the impact on the environment are critical issues in the country’s nuclear policy. We here at the NRC are committed to ensuring that spent fuel remains safely stored until a repository can be built for…

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