Open codec pioneer leaves Red Hat, joins Mozilla to work on next-generation video codec

hmmm … intriguing. really not, but if you follow flow, it is.

Gigaom founder Monty Montgomery is leaving Red Hat to join Mozilla next week. Montgomery announced the change on Google+ Tuesday, writing: “This is not a reflection on Red Hat, but rather jumping at an opportunity offered by Mozilla.”

Montgomery is currently working on Daala, a next-generation video codec that aims to provide better results than H.265, also known as HEVC, without requiring any kind of commercial license agreements. Much of the work on Daala has already been done by people working for Mozilla, which acts as the primary sponsor for the project.

Montgomery has been active in the development of open codecs for years. His foundation first introduced the open audio codec Ogg Vorbis in 2000, and followed up with the open video codec Ogg Theora in 2008. Ogg Theora has since largely been replaced by Google’s open VP8 video codec, but Ogg Vorbis is still in…

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