Facebook’s trillion-edge, Hadoop-based and open source graph-processing engine

how the scripts get written.


People following the open source Giraph project likely know that Facebook (s fb) was experimenting with it, and on Wednesday the company detailed just how heavily it’s leaning on Giraph. Facebook scaled it to handle trillions of connections among users and their behavior, as the core of its Open Graph tool.

Oh, and now anyone can download Giraph, which is an Apache Software Foundation project, with Facebook’s improvements baked in.

Graphs, you might recall from our earlier coverage, are the new hotness in the big data world. Graph-processing engines and graph databases use a system of nodes (e.g., Facebook users, their Likes and their interests) and edges (e.g., the connections between all of them) in order to analyze the relationships among groups of people, places and things.

Giraph is an open source take on Pregel, the graph-processing platform that powers Google PageRank, among other things. The National…

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