humans lost


I am so glad that my child never played with the children of those sitting on the jury in the zimmermann trial …. they likely raised bullies and lame excuses for human beings.

don’t know them, probably are the nicest people everyone knows, but SERIOUSLY?  wtf?  it is NOT ok to do what that man did, period.  didn’t even think about it.  #lazywomensuck #stupidwomensuckevenmore

5 thoughts on “humans lost

  1. How was Zimmerman the bully? He saw a suspicious person in his neighborhood (that kept getting violated) and called the police. He didn’t do any agression towards Trayvon, instead hoping the police would get there soon so he could tell them which way the possible suspect had fled. If he was a real bully Trayvon wouldn’t have been able to escape. He would have been shot down at the beginning. But Trayvon did flee and got away. He was able to call the cops himself. He was able to walk away and tell his friends a cool story about a chase. But Trayvon was the bully. He decided to come back and beat on Zimmerman.

    You may want to teach your kids about basic civil manners. How authority may profile them, but the best way to handle it is to answer their questions and if you have done nothing wrong you go on to waht you were doing. If you run, they consider it an act of guilt. If you strike them, they might have a more powerful weapon than your fist. Trayvon was not some naive boy new to the world. He had been confronted by people like Zimmerman in the past. He had been busted for many crimes. He knew there were undercover cops, security, and just asshole adults. You see a man in his 20’s with short cropped hair in an suv and talking on the phone coming your way your alarm goes off that the dude is a cop or busybody. Trayvon knew what was up. He was afraid because he thought he was about to get busted yet again. He was already at his Dads because of his thug ways. He knew another mark would put him in deeper trouble…

    • Basic civil manners. Ok.
      Here we go. Basics from mom.
      Zimmerman is a bully like the kid who threatens your’s at school. Oh, you do not have kids. Go back when you were kids, which role did u play in the game we just watched?

      • Trayvon’s friend, Rachel Jeantel, said in an interview the other night that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was some type of security or police. Who teaches their kids to run away from the police(Yes, Zimmerman wasn’t a cop, but Trayvon THOUGHT HE WAS). Jeantel also said that Trayvon thought he was a gay cop who wanted to rape him. Sorry, but I don’t teach my kids that violence is justified homophobia.

      • i do. i have told my daughter to trust no one but her own intuition and if her intuition tells her to run, she better do it as fast as she possible can. seriously, what planet do you live on? surely, it is not the same as mine.

    • he was the bully the minute he stepped outside the car and confronted, with a loaded side arm, after specifically given, in the moment at hand, societal authority parameters, another human being he could have just watched walk home like the “Little Punk” would have anyway — the game was on. and maybe, at most, he was going to pick up a nickle bag of weed before getting there, but even still. he deserved to die for being the little punk he was? really? zimmerman really had that kind of authority to just “handle it” for us? really? i find it hard to believe this is how people think.

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