Anki demonstrates artificial intelligence savvy with car game at WWDC

the problem with artificial intelligence is that … well, it just can do THAT for you. because a wild driving trip would have little to do with the tesla …


If you’re looking for a wild driving experience, you could invest in a Tesla (s tsla) and, eventually, do a cross-country road trip, or you can check out the miniature car that can be controlled through a forthcoming iOS (s aapl) application from artificial-intelligence startup Anki.

After Apple CEO Tim Cook himself gave them an introduction on stage at the WWDC conference in San Francisco on Monday, Anki CEO Boris Sofman (pictured) and a colleague demonstrated how iOS devices can not only control the little cars but also serve as “the brains behind an immersive, real-world experience.”

The cars whizzed around a small track on stage. One car deployed a weapon and shot the other cars off the track, and multiple cars were influenced by the driving behavior of one car. Sensors track where the vehicles are and communicate information back via low-power Bluetooth, and the system determines…

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