pillow fights

and locked doors promote clear communication when there’s a misunderstanding in the reality of the roles we are here to play in the moment.  so long as your intention is to communicate, all forms of interaction breaths life into communication with the authentic self in the moment.

Not knowing if the “other” understands anything in our heads is irrelevant until there is a CONFLICT of the roles being played in reality.  Commitment to the authentic self, the one that knows the motivation only of love, is a choice in the every progressing moment.

I don’t know.  Rather than asking myself, “how can I get them to understand?” I have chosen to use, “how can I get them to laugh?”

A distraction or disguise of “communication,” or a need to disengage to re-engage in the authentic self is the choice and KNOWLEDGE only of the decider.  And no matter the motivation, the choice, intimate only to the decider (and god if such a notion rings true), should be a tool of degradation.  Know what is the truth in the moment and what is in truth a projection.

How do you get so lost tracking a slug?

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