waking me up

truly you never know
well, perhaps YOU can find yourself
in the “you” reality has programmed u to
become, emulating a series of acceptable norms
but mostly i share a glimmer of my self with
those who i call friends and family and
i am the transparent one, the one
who decides that talking about
the weather or the Jets is
just not good enough
for a conversation.
and, yet the
is, really
the me that was
asleep just before i started writing this has a
whole different reality that i could just
barely glimpse in my memory
when I woke up.

knowing that to be true ……
it makes me wonder even more now than
ever, “who is that me that lies quiet
and quieter still in the place
i can visit only when
i am not.”

this wholistic nature of
the universe integrates that time
of realities absent the empirical texture of
awareness into all of my experience
for a reason even if it is just
to press little plastic


this wonder is niether
unique or original, but a natural
curiosity of our human condition that has
been answered and theorized about
by legions of humans before i
ever even thought about
joining life here on
this planet

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