Untitled 7 (potential)

Untitled 7 (potential)


Because reality strikes at the surface of conscience

to perceive its transformation the moment it hits

is a moment of truth empowering clarity

of the soul’s true purpose and goal.

Interacting on the surface of the

nano texture that weaves into

the vibration of existence

that spirals to engage

every breath, with

thoughts and





emanating from

the infinity of form

which shapes the will

and agitates the potential

to realize the truth recognized

while buried in the rubble and mess

of the subconscious, reality happened as

‘someone’ created it now and in this

moment to be a perfect collection

of cosmic energy to create

the unity of the self for

the ‘someone’ who

all in all know

the illusion




if love

is going

2 grow out

of this moment

or if it is a distraction

from the only thing real

that infinity brings 2 u purely

when recognized, reality is either

accepted or rejected instantly as

something desirable to the

potential existence of u


my first Writing of 2k13
7:06am 17 jan 2k13

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