Turn Any YouTube Video Into A GIF By Just Adding “GIF” To The URL

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the freshness

Want to turn something on YouTube into a GIF, but don’t want to futz with downloading third-party apps or digging around for an online converter?

Here’s a handy, easy to remember trick: just add “GIF” to the beginning of the URL. After “www.” and before “youtube.com”

Like so:


So, for example, you’d turn:




and hit enter. Tada!

To be clear, this isn’t an official YouTube tool (though I’d still argue that YouTube really, really ought to build one) — so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work forever , particularly if YouTube’s legal team gets too bummed about the use of their trademark right in the domain. This is a side project by the team behind the super GIF-centric messaging app Glyphic.

One catch: in the current build, you can set the start time and GIF duration, but you can’t get super…

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WTF People: Santa Cruz Police Department Partners with 7-Eleven Stores to Indoctrinate Kidz

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by Santa Cruz Police News

The Santa Cruz Police Department announced they will be partnering with 7-Eleven stores to launch “Operation Chill,” which is code for a program that attempts to affect the behavior of kids, and change their perception of the police department, by bribing them with free slurpees.

operation_chill.jpg operation_chill.jpg
SCPD issued the press release on July 28:

“Courtesy of 7–Eleven, officers are hitting the streets with “Operation Chill” coupons. When officers observe kids exhibiting good behavior, they can issue an “Operation Chill” coupon. The coupons are good for a FREE small Slurpee® drink at any one of the four 7–Eleven Stores in the City of Santa Cruz. ”

The press release included additional free advertising for the local 7-Eleven stores by including their store addresses.

The press release goes on:

“Since its inception in 1995, Operation Chill has allowed police departments to issue more than 12.5 million…

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Global warming is humidifying the upper atmosphere

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We have long suspected that greenhouse gases which cause the Earth to warm would lead to a wetter atmosphere. The latest research published by Eul-Seok Chung, Brian Soden, and colleagues provides new insight into what was thought to be an old problem. In doing so, they experimentally verified what climate models have been predicting. The models got it right… again.

To be clear, this paper does not prove that water vapor is a greenhouse gas. We have known that for years. Nevertheless, the paper make a very nice contribution. The authors show that the long-term increase in water vapor in the upper troposphere cannot have resulted from natural causes – it is clearly human caused. This conclusion is stated in the abstract,

Our analysis demonstrates that the upper-tropospheric moistening observed over the period 1979–2005 cannot be explained by natural causes and results principally from an anthropogenic warming of the climate…

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KeepIn Da iNEt fRee :D

the internet was always a place to share.  that was why it was created.  interactions and communication has always been the fundamental purpose for the internet.  business and government first, and then came me, the first free user of the internet.  i, as a child, neither used it for work nor for anything i “had” to do, it was always and in all ways pleasure or i didn’t bother to get on the iNet.  and remember back then the modem and rubber receiver holder speeds were …. yeah, I’m that old.

it, the iNet was where i played if i wasn’t in the river, on my horse, up in the barn, out in the garden, or just hanging out watching a movie on the nu VCR.  i remember learning the names of new nation-state names and capitols as soon as the latest coup erupted, and so many did in the 70s, all around the world but none of them made my rural news reality.

the power of the iNet, communication, connection, sharing, still requires a real world experience.  have the one you want to experience … and like i tell my daughter, if u don’t know how to get what u want, ask me, if i can i will. 

please keep the internet as free as i think it should be because i’ve always and in all ways have been safe …. well, except from my government and their deviant reality, but that’s a story for a different day.

warning:  i have been convicted for my ideas and for sharing them on the internet. theoretically, our government(s) could consider ur reading this blog as criminal conspiracy. i’m just sayin’ … *rantover


prying into the random life of strangers, businesses, policies and realities is what we are here to do.  i did not choose that capitalism happens to be the random economic system i was born to experience as a natal feature of my tym here on earth, yet it, or rather a bastardized version of capitalism so rigged its definition can no longer be considered as relevant, is the economic system trying to be at play here. sometimes i have to remind myself of reality on planet earth.