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(btw, this is one of those posts i keep editing over time, personal story telling sometimes needs elaboration and clarification; i don’t always repost after an edit.)

the internet is always (and in all ways) a place to share.  that is why it was created.  interactions and communication has always been the fundamental purpose for the internet.  business and government first, and then came me, the first free user of the internet.  i, as a child, neither used it for work nor for anything i “had” to do, it was always and in all ways pleasure or i didn’t bother to get on the iNet.  and remember back then the modem and rubber receiver holder speeds were …. yeah, I’m that old.

it, the iNet was where i played if i wasn’t in the river, on my horse, up in the barn, out in the garden, or just hanging out watching…

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How teachers can best use TED Talks in class, from the perspective of a student

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What happens when a teacher mixes Madame Bovary and a TED Talk? Good things, actually. Photo: iStockphoto

What happens when a teacher mixes Madame Bovary and a TED Talk? Good things, actually. Photo: iStockphoto

By Olivia Cucinotta

My high school English class had just finished reading Madame Bovary, and we were all confused. (For those of you who have not read it, please skip to paragraph two. Spoiler alert!) Emma Bovary, a listless housewife in search of the passionate love she’s read about in books, has many sordid affairs, falls deeply into debt and kills herself by swallowing arsenic, and her ever-faithful and terribly dull husband Charles dies a while later of a broken heart, and their daughter, upon finding her father dead, is sent to work in a cotton mill. We were all baffled and upset by the end of this intense, complicated novel. When we arrived in class the next day, our teacher asked us the question: “What can we learn about real love…

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Square Cash now supports peer-to-peer payments sent via text message

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When [company]Square[/company] launched its Cash peer-to-peer payments service last year, it made transferring funds as simple as sending an email. Apparently that wasn’t easy enough. A new update to Square Cash now lets customers transfer funds through a text message.

Square doesn’t use SMS to actually move money around. Rather, it links customers’ Cash accounts and their associated debit cards to a phone number – just as it previously linked them to an email address – and uses SMS as the notification and verification tool.

Square Cash SMS app

While Cash users could make an email payment through any web, mobile or PC email client, the SMS service requires the Square smartphone app (available on iOS and Android). You can send funds through the Cash client to anyone in your phone’s contact list or just enter a phone number. The recipient, in turn,  receives an SMS notification of the pending transfer. If…

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Racist, sexist St. Louis County cop suspended – finally!

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good news … we may have sanity yet. #GlobalPoliceStateStanddown

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Domestic violence? “If you don’t like each other that much, just kill each other and get it over with…”

Officer Dan Page was outed as a racist extremist after video of his speech at an Oath Keepers meeting went viral Friday…A St. Louis County police officer who pushed CNN’s Don Lemon, a black television host, during live coverage of protests this week in Ferguson, Mo., has been suspended from duty after video of an hour-long racial rant against minority groups, women, liberals and politicians emerged online.

Officer Dan Page spewed the vile rhetoric during an Oath Keepers of St. Louis/St. Charles meeting in April, just months before he was tasked with keeping order among a crowd of majority black protesters in Ferguson.

Page’s first spin on live TV went horribly wrong: “Move out of the way, sir. Move!” he can be heard screaming as Lemon tries to do a live…

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