Eldercare: The Forgotten Feminist Issue

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very important!

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(This was written late last year; I pitched it a few places but received little interest. I’m posting it here because, well, it’s an important conversation.)
One of my favorite pictures of my mom.

Mom, back in the day.

As I write this my mother is fast asleep in a nursing home, her third stint in 15 months. It is a heartbreaking thing, watching your parent slowly succumb to her mortality. You try to prepare yourself for the call you’ll get in the middle of the night from a nurse reluctant to give you the news you’ve been dreading for years. But no amount of preparation will ready you for that call. No amount of alcohol will lessen the pain. Even writing about it is hard because it forces you to deal with an absolute, inescapable truth. She is dying, and you are powerless to stop it.

The woman I now visit several times a week is not…

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Davos Plan B Knowledge Reports

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Very happy as I listen to my webinar today. =)

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So, exactly how DO you switch the priorities of “People and the Planet” before “Profits” in a way that facilitates the most timely yet efficient ways possible?  First, you need a Knowledge Report.  There’s a way of looking at information and interpreted.  Those who instinctively put the People and the Planet before Profits are holders of the fundamentals of knowledge in any industry.  Aligning those fundamentals of standards is a question for our society to make as a whole through our political processes.


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Space Weather Prediction Center [Beta]

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and then there’s the guys that are trying to monitor a variety of vibrational/harmonic frequencies on earth to determine its noosphere reality and wow, all kinds of data that we need to be aware of … its getting sooooooo complicated to be a human!

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NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center is pleased to debut its new website. This completely redesigned site leverages the latest web technologies to reach the broadest possible audience. As a Beta release, the site incorporates the look-and-feel of the final site with major functions and content included. It is still in development and we are adding new content and capabilities nearly every week.

The most immediately visible change is a new home page with more timely information and a more dynamic set of graphics and links. The home page is aimed at the general public rather than the experienced user.

Also, users won’t have to hunt for current conditions. A scrolling bar at the top of the home page and every other page shows the past, current and future space weather conditions using the three NOAA scales.

For experienced users and interest groups, there are direct links to pages of critical…

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Hospital patient busted selling heroin out of her ICU room

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i wonder if she cut the hospital in on her business if they wouldn’t have bothered to call the cops … they could treat the overdoses as well … its like how they give people all those drugs and then they have to come back with all their side effects!

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A Pennsylvania patient will likely be facing drug charges after police allegedly confiscated more than 350 stamp bags of heroin that she was in the process of selling from her hospital room.

Greensburg City police are expected to charge a woman was being treated at Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital with delivery and possession of a controlled substance

In addition to selling heroin from the ICU unit as well as her hospital room, the woman also allegedly injected heroin into her IV system.

“The Intensive Care Unit at Excela Westmoreland Hospital cares for the sickest of sick patients, which is another reason our staff is keenly aware of what is happening in and around a patient’s room as they monitor for sudden changes in health status,” Excela spokeswoman Jennifer Miele said in an emailed statement. “Last week, they noticed an inordinate amount of foot traffic to one room. Rather than…

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The percentage of women running in Indian elections is even smaller than the percentage of female MPs

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an issue

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6.9%was the percentage of women candidates in the 2009 Indian election. Although the 2009 figure is the highest in 15 national elections held in India so far (the lowest was 2.2% in 1971), it’s far from representative of the electoral demographic, and does not reflect the popularity of female candidates. In 2009, women accounted for 47.7% of registered voters and they made up 10.9% of the 543-member parliament.

Source: How India Lives, a company founded by journalists, which seeks to increase the access and search of public data in India. We welcome your comments at ideas@qz.com.

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