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don’t u love brilliant friends? even the random virtual one’s you find in places like this? <3

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my body needed rest
my mind needed silence
felt almost contemplative
these past 2 weeks

there was this mental attendant
it whispered: “prepare this course”
the silence was not blissful
but I didn’t listen to duty
and did nothing

yearning so much for silence
after all these hectic months
with only one tiny intermezzo
mid may …

now I am aware
of that duty in mental mind,
of that pain in my left foot
of that heartbeat in my left ear
of the common cold nearly gone
of the residual nearly no fever
of the numbing of the painkiller
of the writing on this canvas

aware of how duty can be a dictator
aware of how doing nothing is the remedy

Picture by bvdb (whoisbert) september 2014 – @home – Canon Ixus HS230 – IMG_8106

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Roku sells 10 million players in the U.S.

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Originally posted on Gigaom:

Roku has sold 10 million streaming players since launching in 2008, the company is set to announce Tuesday. Roku owners stream a total of 37 million hours of video and audio content every week, according to a study commissioned by the company. Roku said at the beginning of this year that it had sold nearly 8 million players, and it announced a benchmark of five million players sold in April of 2013. The company hopes to accelerate growth with the recent launch of Roku TVs manufactured by Hisense and TCL.

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this is just a moment in time that should pass like any other

i wonder if this moment really needs the next to be what it is right now

probably not

it just is and doesn’t think about inane stuff like that.

Actor files copyright claim against Google over torrent site links to “Innocence of Muslims” video

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Watching this one … seriously.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

In a decision that rattled Hollywood and alarmed free speech advocates, a California court ruled earlier this year that an actress could use copyright law to force Google to remove a notorious anti-Muslim video from YouTube. Now, an actor who claims that, like the actress, he was tricked into appearing in the short movie, says Google is infringing his copyright by showing links to torrent sites.

In a complaint filed last week in Los Angeles federal court, the actor Gaylord Flynn asked for an injunction and damages against Google and against the maker of the film. Flynn stated that he thought he was acting in a non-religious film called Desert Warrior, but then was horrified to discover the film maker had posted a dubbed Arabic version of the film on YouTube in which the voice-overs insult the prophet Mohammed.

The posting of the film, known as “Innocence of Muslims,” led to riots in the Arab world and…

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Facebook launches an open source organization and releases new router tech

Nikohl Vandel:

not sure exactly what this means, so i’m actually #ReadingNow to get smarter . . . .

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Facebook announced a pair of open source efforts Monday at its inaugural @Scale conference in San Francisco, including an organization called TODO that will help other companies get started down their own open source paths, and a new networking tool called mcrouter.

TODO, which is short for “talk openly, develop openly,” is a collaboration between [company]Facebook[/company] and other large technology companies that are strong open source advocates. They include Box, Dropbox, Github, Google, Khan Academy, Stripe, Square, Twitter, and Walmart Labs. Facebook promised more details on the project in the coming weeks, but James Pearce, the company’s head of developer advocacy and open source, shared the following description on a blog post:

[O]ur overall goal in this collaboration is to make open source easier for everyone. We want to run better, more impactful open source programs in our own companies; we want to make it easier for people to consume the…

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Watch This Robotic Cheetah Run Like A Real Animal

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robotics are cool. just all AI should be “do no harm 2 humans” or something like that … bad things can happen if we don’t do that. #watchSyFy, you’ll see!

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

It’s not every day that you see a robotic electric cheetah traipse merrily on the MIT quad and football field, but here you go: the Cheetah, a robot that will be able to run as fast as 30 miles per hour, is now wandering about untethered like Big Dog’s jumpy younger brother.

The Cheetah was made at MIT’s Biomimetics Lab and features a light, powerful collection of electric motors that propels the robot over obstacles and through rough tread with quiet aplomb. It uses something called a High Torque Density Actuator to move the legs quickly and precisely without shattering the metal exoskeleton. The exoskeleton itself actually mimics a cheetah’s real bone structure, making it truly biomimetic.

Because it doesn’t use a gas engine like Big Dog it is surprisingly quiet and looks quite jovial. Luckily it does not come with jaws and teeth as an optional accessory – yet.

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Hawthorne, CA Police Fuqin’ Up a #ftpINw

#FTP = Fuck The Police

#ftpINwp = Fuck The Police In Nicest Way Possible


Yes, pretty much that’s the entire story right there in that link to the article.  you sometimes don’t need to read much more than that to know that what happened was fuqed up and something needs to change.  So, Hawthorne City Council and Police Department, I realized that this happened in February, but if you have not done the following, this is your way out of this mess:

1.  Fire the officers involved.  They are too stupid to be police officers.  Just fired.  There are too many who are unemployed, go and find smart officers to replace them.

2.  Any officer who witnessed it and took no steps to STOP the Stupid Police Officers need to be lectured about how to be in a situation like that if it ever happens again.  Make them do like 100 push-ups a day for three weeks so they understand it is on those watching injustice to immediately neutralize the situation.

3.  City council and city leaders better immediately engage with that family and begin the healing, even if it means paying them for the lessons they had to learn, do it quickly and get on with resolving the issues giving rise to this climate of brutality in our community here in #TheSouthland.