The FCC Has Received More Than 1,000,000 Comments On Net Neutrality

Nikohl Vandel:

have you put in your 2 cents worth? because i don’t think they actually value the comments of the general public, but just in case they do …. give them at least five minutes of your time to share what you think they should do. maybe it will work this tym.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has received more than 1 million comments from the public regarding its proposed net neutrality rules. According to the FCC’s Gigi Sohn, 1,030,000 comments had been submitted by noon today on the East Coast.

Around 21 hours before her note on the new figure, Sohn indicated that the FCC had received more than 900,000 comments. So it appears that there is a late surge in input.

Earlier this week, under crushing traffic, the FCC pushed its deadline back for the first round of public comment to Friday, to allow everyone a chance to submit their views. Companies like Comcast and Netflix have weighed in during the extended period, as well as, it appears, a huge number of private individuals.

The issue of net neutrality, and especially the FCC’s current notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM), has caught on in the public domain in impressive fashion. It will be interesting to see…

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Revolutionary Daily Thought

Did U Know (#DUK)

that you can do things for no reason at all.

yep. even on the internet. you don’t have to even try to make money here.

no obligation. really.

you can just type your thoughts and post them and sometimes people read them and no money is involved whatsoever.

well, except for that money you would have already spent because you HAVE to have an internet connection to connect to the internet to type your thoughts or to read someone else’s thoughts … and that is all that is on the internet, people’s thoughts, typed out or pictures of things that may or may not be real, that’s on the internet too.

you really do not have to make any money at all. it can be that simple.

Hashtack Combines Photos From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Into One App

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If you’ve seen a bright orange Volkswagen Type 2 labeled “Hashtack 2.0″ recently, you’ve spotted Jeremy Greenfield who has been living and moving around the country in it for the past few months trying to raise awareness for his app and get investors to back him.

Hashtack, a startup that pitched at the Seattle TechCrunch meetup this year, is a photo- and video-sharing app that brings together Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into one medium. Users can like, comment and zoom into pictures, as well as repost them, or as Greenfield says, “retack” them.

Instagram has a problem where users screenshot posts by other users and upload those photos by themselves, without the original poster’s knowledge. One way Greenfield says Hashtack tackles this is by allowing users to easily “retack” a photo they like, while also loading any descriptions and the name of the original uploader. It also applies a faint watermark to…

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Where does this go?

This is a “Quick Draft” and i just wonder where it goes when I click on “Save Draft” because I really do not have anything profound to say in this moment so it can just go wherever to be saved until whenever someone else thinks it should be permanently shared for a reason such as entertaining those who like to follow the random and usually incoherent thoughts of a woman circa 2014 on planet earth … a planet that empowers the stupidest people they can possibly find and give them the most important jobs and then supports their decisions with all the weapons they can imagine. its really a strange strange strange place. not recommended for minors.